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Looking up workouts online....

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Crushing it looks like this

Following a certified trainers targeted workout plan.

Following a simple meal plan that gets you results.

Sticking to this 30-day challenge & fitting it into your life!

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grow your glutes naturally

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"Ashley has influenced me since 2005 in the fitness world. We would wake up as early as 7am in the morning back in college & she’s still the same today ! Focused , determined, and a love for fitness. She has inspired me & helped take over 45lbs off of me. I have Fallen off several times & shes there to put me right back on schedule. I too am working on being a life & fitness coach due to my experiences with my best friend & train Ashley. Stay tuned y’all , I’m still working!" 

Amber K

"Ashley  has some amazing things coming up! Contact her if your trying to reach your fitness goals! I've only been with her for a few months and I'm already toning up and getting stronger everyday! I'm starting to see muscle definition that I haven't seen since I was young playing sports! Do y'all see that back on the last slide???"


"So let me tell you about my dope a$$ trainer!! First of all, LOOK at her. She has a body that she worked hard for and keeps going hard for every day. I love my sessions with her. I'm doing things I know I wouldn't do on my own BUT she knows my strength. I have more work to do to reach my goals and I know they will be reached with Ashley." 


Ab &   Glute 30 Day           Program

week one

Body weight conditioning

Week 1 is for conditioning the body to be able to perform my Ab & Glute movements effectively. It conditions the muscles for high intensity preparation.

week two

Body weight ONLY Abs & Glutes 

Week 2 is for performing glute activated movements , form & technique. You will get a good caloric & cardiovascular burn.

week three

Beginner Light weight 5lb-10lb weight 

Week 3 is for beginning the phase into lifting & toning the glutes creating those curves & loosing belly fat.

Advanced Level heavier weight 20lb-30lb weight

Week 5 test not only you’re strength but you’re mental capability to not focus on the advanced higher weight but the glutes you’re be growing.

Meal & Grocery Planner

Allows you to make healthier choices while grocery shopping. Includes meal suggestions for each meal for vegan and non-vegans.

Moderate Level weight 10lb-20lb weight 

Week 4 will be a bit more difficult. You now have the form & technique down it’s time to maximize & go UP in weight.

week four
week five

Regular Price: $99

Pre-Launch Price: $79

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Your New Personal Trainer

I'm Ashley, and I'm ready to get you results!

I train simply because it is what I am called to do. It is my ability, my purpose. When we are moved with the universe with a gift we must follow & encourage those around us. Not everyone is invited or comes on our called journeys and that is ok. Everything I do reverts me back to fitness. It is part of my being I can’t run from it. So each day I stare it dead in its face & assist so many others with their fit journey also.