Balancing work, family and fitness is hard

I am a mommy first. My daughter watches my EVERY move. It is imperative that I show her how to live. Healthier lifestyles studies show give you a longer healthier life. 

My daughter is naturally athletic. She wants to run track & I train her to do just that. 

Personal Fitness Trainer 

So what is the recipe to being a mom, Operations Supervisor for the Federal Government & a Personal Fitness Trainer? 

The truth for me is faith. Literally waking up everyday believing in myself & my ability to do ALL these things daily. Reminding myself to change my language from I “ need” to do, to “ I have to do it”…

get to it

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I began interest in fitness at the age of 13 years old. I was an athlete throughout High School with Track-n-field and Softball. My interest and majors in college for both my Bachelors and Masters Degrees where Athletic Training and Health Care Administration with a concentration in Education. I completed my Bachelor’s Degree at Eastern Michigan University December 2009, and my Master’s Degree was completed at University of Phoenix June 2013. 

Health and Fitness has been a passion of mines more than half of my life. I have a five year old daughter named Camille who shares my fitness passion with me. She is active and has future track and field goals.


bachelors completed at emu

masters completed at university of phoenix

Personal Training completed through ISSA

12 years Operations Supervisor for Social Security

The journey to begin to train others began January of 2019. I began to train family members and friends.

My Peers where happy with their results, referrals began to come, and the universe moved me
right where I am supposed to be.

The joy of seeing others happy with their fitness goals and results due to my fitness training and coaching gives me the drive to want to continue this journey to assist others in their fitness and physical needs.

Although I have been training individuals for over a year, I am certified in personal training through International Sports Sciences Association (ISSA) January 5, 2021.

I am happy to carry this certification and knowledge to assist my clients more effectively with their individual needs.

Training style
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My training style is High Intensity (HIIT); sculpting and toning a better you. My goal is for clients to feel results. “Train hard, feel like Royalty.” You will feel results within a week and see them for a lifetime.

I constantly coach the importance of lifestyle change, and the importance of incorporating fitness and movement in your daily routine.

I discuss the value of self-worth, and why fitness is important for results on the inside, but on the outside of the body as well.